Silas Courson

This week JD shoots the shit with guest Silas Coursón. Silas is a stand up comedian from Dallas Texas. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: music, movie moments, being “that guy”, dating, and letting go of attachment.  

LHRB 95: Nacho Moments w/ Silas Coursón

This week LHRB Presents Comedy Saved The Video Star! Big THANKS to Silas Coursón, Daniel Reskin, Janae Burris, everyone who came out to the show, and The Molecule Effect Coffee and Wine for sponsoring live comedy. Enjoy! Video 1: Lady Marmalade (JD’s pick) Video 2: Magic (Silas’s pick) Video 3:  Paranoid Android (Daniel’s […]

LHRB 93: Comedy Saved The Video Star w/ Silas Coursón, Daniel Reskin, ...