Kent Welborn

This week is another LIVE Hand Right Brain. BIG thanks to Royce Roeswood, everyone who came out, The Molecule Effect Coffee and Wine for making it happen, and to Infinite Monkey Theorem for sponsoring this live podcast. Enjoy! Check out what Royce is up to at his website Find out whats going on […]

LHRB 96: LIVE Hand Right Brain w/ Kent Welborn

This week JD and Jo shoot the shit with guest Kent Welborn. Kent is a Denver based improvisor/improv teacher/Managing Director at The Bovine Metropolis Theater. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: how Kent views the Denver improv scene, Valentines day, how Kent got into improv, upcoming shows at […]

JD/JO 035: Laughing Dragon Cake Samurai Fun Show with Kent ...