Emily Przekwas

This week JD shoots the shit with guest Emily Przekwas. Emily is a stand up comedian/writer. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: comedy being a cult, Trump, equality, Comedy Works, sexism, Darth Vader, refusing to play along, diversity in booking shows, and dealing with the haters.

LHRB 145: Compassion & Understanding w/ Emily Przekwas

Christmas has come early on this weeks LHRB. JD and Royce are proud to present their first audio drama, Four Sweaters. Big THANK YOU to Maggy Stacy, Kimberly Kutt, Matt Orrin, Daniel Reskin, Emily Przekwas, and Joshua Robinson for helping this story come to life. Enjoy!

LHRB 108: Four Sweaters

This week JD shoot the shit with guest Emily Przekwas and Royce Roeswood. Emily is a stand up comedian/writer, Royce is a Theater Artist, and they are both amazing creative forces in the world! Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: Truth in comedy and art, where we find value, the […]

LHRB 91: Comedy Saved Me w/ Emily Przekwas & Royce Roeswood