LHRB 129: The Modern Journalist w/ Paul Karolyi & Megan Arellano

This week JD shoots the shit with guests Paul Karolyi and Megan Arellano. Paul and Megan are journalists (Denverite) and podcasters (Denver Pizza Podcast, Denverite Now, Changing Denver). Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: The Handmaid’s Tale, issues of representation, working for Denverite, getting people to read the news, separating yourself from your work, promoting local podcasts, and personal brands.

This is what Paul and Megan look like.

Click on the icons below to find out what Paul and Megan are up to!

Find some of Megan’s writing at Denverite.com

Check out Paul’s podcast Denverite Now!

Check out Megan and Paul on the podcast they do together Denver Pizza Podcast!

Check out Paul’s other Changing Denver Podcast.

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