JD/JO Podcast

The faces of JD/JO


JD/JO is a Denver based duo shooting the shit in an undisclosed basement. Topics discussed include but are not limited to: the local scene, pop culture, some news events, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. You wanna know what we’re talking about? What do you think we’re talking about? Listen and find out, but make no mistake, things will be said…by us.

Listen to past episodes!

JD/JO 001: Hello World!

JD/JO 002: Third Wheel For Sure

JD/JO 003: Bitchfest

JD/JO 004: Jo is not a guy

JD/JO 006: Sister, Sister

JD/JO 006.2: JD’s Got Game?

JD/JO 007: Improv Your Life with Asa Erlendson

JD/JO 008: Rebels Without a Cause with Nate Valdez

JD/JO 009: King of the Nerds with Eric Riley

 JD/JO 010: Opera and Politics

JD/JO 011: Striptease

JD/JO 012: Girls’ Night vs. Guys’ Night

JD/JO 013: Roostercat Comedy Romp

JD/JO 014: Road Trippin’

JD/JO 015: Remember The Cat’s Meow

JD/JO 016: JD/JO Meets Molly Brown

JD/JO 017: The Power Of Seduction

JD/JO 018: Who’s Your Papi?

JD/JO 019: Everybody Poops

JD/JO 020: Spooky Special with Jordan Doll

JD/JO 021: Winter is Coming

JD/JO 022: The Farm BJJ with Danny Richards

JD/JO 023: In The Whale Strikes Back

JD/JO 024: Sorry Thanksgiving

JD/JO 025: Stand Out

JD/JO 026: Follow Your Fear with Royce Roeswood

JD/JO 027: Dumb And From The Bum with Justin Franzen

JD/JO 028: Girls Club & JD with Sam Provenzano

JD/JO 029: The Comedy Abyss with Timmi Lasley

JD/JO 030: POTcast

JD/JO 031: Victim Of Love

JD/JO 032: Double Chub with Johnny Symmes

JD/JO 033: Man Of Extremes with Ben Roy

JD/JO 034: The Prude & The Party Girl

JD/JO 035: Laughing Dragon Cake Samurai Fun Show with Kent Welborn

JD/JO 036: Getting Wacky with Matt Wayman

JD/JO 037: Four Loko with Michael Thompson

JD/JO 038: We All Scream For Ice Cream!

JD/JO 039: Punk Rock Is NOT Dead with Dan Aid

JD/JO 040: That’s Not My Name with Mehry Eslaminia

JD/JO 041: A Serious Good Time

JD/JO 042: JD/JO No Mo’