JD/JO 035: Laughing Dragon Cake Samurai Fun Show with Kent Welborn

This week JD and Jo shoot the shit with guest Kent Welborn. Kent is a Denver based improvisor/improv teacher/Managing Director at The Bovine Metropolis Theater. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: how Kent views the Denver improv scene, Valentines day, how Kent got into improv, upcoming shows at the Bovine, Colorado Springs being a weird place, improv theater vs. improv comedy, Kent going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his college improv team Left Right TIM, being scared off Vine, and Kent brings the heat with a top shelf MFK!

He is as funny as he is tall!

He is as funny as he is tall!

This is the Laughing Dragon Cake Samurai Fun Show we talked about!

If you want to see when Kent is performing next or just want some info on The Bovine Metropolis Theater here is the link below.


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